4 Signs That You Need Gutters

Roofs displace a large amount of water and that water is destructive if it is not channeled to the ground properly through a downspout. There are several signs that our experts at Guild Collective look for around a home to confirm that you need gutters:

  • Foundation issues or basement flooding
  • Difficulty closing your doors
  • Condensation in windows 
  • Areas on the perimeter that are low, or could hold water up against the house
  • Mulch in your flower beds getting washed out into the yard, driveway or street 
  • Deterioration, wood rot, or mold around the house or roof

We can protect your home from rain damage by professionally installing a gutter system. Compared to the cost of your home, this is a small investment to safeguard your largest investment. 

You may already have gutters but are experiencing some of the above symptoms. If so, it is likely that there is a blockage in your system and so the gutters are not functioning correctly. Our professionals can help you with that.

Let’s review two different ways to install gutters to your home: SnapLock versus conventional. 

Most contractors are going to use what we refer to as a conventional installation. The downside to this type of installation is that it uses a hidden hanger with a screw in it, and that screw is going to penetrate the back wall of your gutter. Because the gutter holds water, naturally over time when you put holes in a gutter water is going to get through those holes and then eventually get to the house or the fascia boards. Holes cause leaks and holes cause wood rot. 

We offer a product called a SnapLock Gutter System®, and the difference is that we don’t put any holes in the portion of the gutter that holds water. Instead, we use a track system. An aluminum trust is attached to the house, and then a special clip that goes on the back wall of the gutter is used to snap into that trust. Another benefit, we can offer you a lifetime transferable warranty.

You may be asking how to keep gutters clean

Leaves are the main culprit and the hardest debris on gutters. They fall, get into the gutter, and then clog it. Once debris builds up, water will overflow and damage the siding of the home. A gutter that isn’t performing properly will actually cause more harm than if you didn’t have gutters at all. Keeping your gutters clear is a priority. 

We like to use two different products to keep gutters clean depending on your needs. If you have a lot of trees and pollen we prefer to use our finer product option, which is a stainless steel micro-mesh. It does a great job filtering out small particles and therefore requires less upkeep. If you have large trees or not a lot of coverage from the trees and leaves, you could use our more basic screen. However, this option will require more maintenance because it has larger holes, allowing more things to pass through and get clogged or get caught on top of it. 

Both options are good products and we would love to show you which could work best on your gutter system.

If you have any questions about cooling off a space, protecting your home, and controlling your utility bills, please set up your free in-home consultation today.