After fourteen years of business in the Austin area under the Quality Roofing name, we are aligning under The Guild Collective Brand. While we have the same management and owner in place, we’ve aligned with a group of businesses with a similar desire to excel in the areas of customer experience, quality relationships, and the utilization of the best products, materials, and craftsmanship.

We have been honored by many of you asking if we knew of other home service companies that matched the quality of your overall experience with us. This is our answer by providing a broader complement of services for many of the things needed on the top half of your homes: roofs, gutters, natural daylighting, and ventilation. More than simply a new name, this change reflects a new era of increased commitment to craftsmanship, relational excellence, and standards historically preserved by various craftsman guilds.

If you are a returning customer, we would love to share more about the other things we can do to protect and increase the value and experience of your home. If you are finding us for the first time, welcome to the roofing division of The Guild Collective!


Commercial Roof Replacement

Replace your roof with a beautiful, watertight roofing system installed by The Guild Collective.

Quality Roof Replacements In Austin, San Antonio, and Texas Hill Country Areas

At The Guild Collective we understand you don’t want to worry about the roof over your business or about dealing with unreliable contractors. The Guild Collective will provide peace of mind to business owners through a long term partnership as a trusted advisor. The Guild Collective will provide you with a beautiful, watertight roofing system and a life-long relationship!

We can replace metalshinglesingle-ply roofs and more in the Austin, San Antonio and Texas Hill Country areas. Call our pros today!

Do you need a roof replacement?

The last thing you’ll want to do is to put off a roof replacement. If your roof needs to be replaced, putting it off can cause more damage, which can leave your home less safe as a result. Here is how you know it’s time for your existing roof to be replaced.

Consistent leaks - If your roof has consistent water leaks, then repairs may no longer be an effective option.

Severe damage - Severe damage caused by a storm will often require the entire roof to be replaced.

Granules in the gutters - If your gutters are filled with granules, it generally indicates it's time to have the shingles replaced.

Lots of missing shingles - If there are shingles missing throughout the roof, it might be time to replace the whole roof.

Sagging roof - If your roof is beginning to sag, the structural integrity could be compromised. The deck has likely experienced water damage and will need to be replaced.

End of life expectancy - Once your roof has reached a certain age, it will become more vulnerable to damage simply as a result of general wear and tear. Different types of roofs have different lifespans. For example, an asphalt shingle roof will typically last between 15 and 20 years before requiring replacement.

Why Work With The Guild Collective?

Our priority is your peace of mind. We understand you don’t want to worry about the roof over your head or dealing with unreliable contractors. Spend a few minutes with one of our team members and you will experience our consultative approach. We take time with you to understand your situation and provide a solution to fit your needs.

Read our Google reviews and see what our clients have to say. We have a reputation as being one of the most trustworthy and reliable roofers in the area. We replace both residential and commercial roofs.


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Recent Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial Roofing - The Guild Collective Central and South Texas
Commercial Roofing - The Guild Collective Central and South Texas
Commercial Roofing - The Guild Collective Central and South Texas