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The Benefits of Staying Ahead: Understanding Normal Wear and Tear on Your Roof

Keeping a roof in good condition over time isn’t always an easy task, but it’s worth the effort. Normal wear and tear can take its toll and if you don’t pay attention to the signs, you may find yourself with a costly repair bill. Knowing what to look out for can help you avoid potential damage down the road.

The most common sign of wear and tear is missing or curling shingles caused by exposure to wind, hail, rain, or sun. In addition, when examining your roof, check for broken or deteriorating flashings as well as any visible signs of water damage such as staining on the ceiling from inside the house. It’s also important to be aware of discoloration due to growth and fungus on asphalt shingle roofs which can cause decay over time.

Proper maintenance is key in extending the life of your home’s roof and reducing the risks associated with overuse. Start by inspecting your roof regularly – at least twice a year – particularly after storms or other extreme weather events that could have caused damage. Clear gutters from debris such as twigs, leaves and other materials that could cause clogs. Consider applying protective coating every five years for asphalt shingle roofs and ensure all metal seams are properly sealed in order to protect against leaks. Make sure any nearby trees are trimmed back so they are not putting extra stress on your home during gusty winds or thunderstorms.

However there are some tasks best left up to certified professionals who have experience accurately diagnosing problems before they worsen into major issues. At The Guild Collective, our team provide comprehensive inspection services as well as recommendations on how best to extend your roof’s life so you can make an informed decision about what’s right for your family and your budget.