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What To Expect With Your Residential Shingle Reroof

Walk through of a residential shingle reroof job site…

This is a residential shingle reroof project, and as you can see, things are just getting started here in the morning. 

A couple things you can expect when we show up. 

Tarps Around Your House

We are gonna be putting tarps down in your yard. We want to capture as much debris and nails as possible. This includes a breathable net over the air conditioning unit so that we can keep that covered without causing any issues with the unit itself. The compressor, as it turns on throughout the day, will be protected and be able to run as usual. Sometimes, in the heat of the Texas summer, we also have to be careful as the sun comes out to not burn your grass. So we are taking all those things into account.

Dump Truck or Dump Trailer For Better Debris Disposal

Secondly, you can see here we will have a dump truck or a dump trailer as close to the roof line as possible. This helps us get all of the shingles in the debris straight into the trash reciprocal without having to throw it first on your driveway or into your yard, and then having to drag it across your yard. So we will need a free driveway space, so that we can get the trailer or the dump truck up into the driveway. In this case, the materials were delivered ahead of time. You can see ’em right here on the ground. A couple pallets worth of materials is a pretty average sized load for a shingle reroof. 

Care For Your Grass and Landscaping
And then as we make our way to the backyard, you can see that we have another series of tarps put down. Again, we’re trying to capture any miscellaneous nails that might fall on the ground. If you have delicate plants or landscaping, we’ll work to protect them from any falling debris as we remove old shingles.

We Start Early In The Morning
We’re getting going, and this is the first phase of the project. You can see that all of the old shingles off of this section have already been removed, and it’s only about 7:30 in the morning. So, we like to get started as early as we can to maximize time of the day when it’s not scorching hot. And, throughout the day as it gets hotter and hotter, we’re gonna have to remove some of these tarps from the ground just to avoid burning the grass.

So this is a typical experience for the first 30 minutes to a couple hours of the roof as everyone’s getting going on the crew and set up around the property just to make sure your property is safe and clean.

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